Friday, 20 April 2012

Lari by Ceci

I am a person of few words when it comes to writing, so I will try to efficiently find the ones that will help me best describe my friend Lari.

Lari is generous. She has a big heart. She knows how to live the good life. She has passion for good taste. Loves to travel. Enjoys a good meal. When it comes to a plan, she always says yes...but I need to confess that sometimes it demands a great effort to make her go for a run with me ;)

Her house is a true reflection of who she really is. You'll see lots of different things, textures, colours, books, music, perfumes, shoes,bags, magazines, paintings, pictures, flowers, and I can keep on enumerating things...but don't take me wrong, its not a mess, it has the right amount of life, mixed with love and good taste. Its so feminine and cozy that makes you feel at home. 

Everything I've described is reflected in her pictures. Think about a role oater of colours, all set into the right place...and those are Lari's pictures! And as she very wisely said...we became bigger friends thru our lenses!
A special dedication for the love she has for her family. They are very close. Her eyes brighten when she talks about them. I really like that :) 

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