Friday, 20 April 2012

Ceci by Lari

Cosas de Ceci... (Things about Ceci) 

  One of the happiest people I have ever met!! She is genious!!! Simple, practical, straight foward! Very defensive of her people, a great friend and an amazing soul! She didn't even know me and was already ready to help organising a party! The first one to arrive...and the first thing we did together was to stick the following into a wall:   

"It comes a time when we have to leave the worn clothing, that already have the shape of our body, and forget our paths, that always take us to the same places. It's the time for the crossing: and, if we don't dare to go for it, we'll have remained, forever, at the mercy of ourselves" 
This reflects a lot Ceci's personality: curious, experiential...a free spirit. Travelling, cooking, music and dancing, dancing, always dancing and talking, talking, talking..with eyes, hands, loud voice and lots of laughter!!! Photography is another of her passions and she is becoming better and better and better, and this is just another thing that brings us even close together, now, here, in London, and for life!   

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