Sunday, 13 May 2012

My first time in Africa!

Its been a while since my last post. And i know i said i was going to re shuffle my pics by subjects...but i've crossed a milestone in my traveling life. I've been to Africa for the first i think it deserves a post of its own :)
I went to Tunisia for less than 4 days, not representative of Africa as a whole...but seeded the need for more. I am definitely going back. Landscapes where amazing, the beach (with camels in them!?) the people extremely nice and honest. The food? so so...but i need to give it a new try soon.
here are some of my fav pictures of the adventure.
I hope you like them.

 the invisble mannnnn!!!


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  1. You definitely see the world in a different perspective! You shots are absolutely beautiful and unique, particularly the one where your subject is putting a scarf on her head, and of course, the breathtaking sunset. The landscapes in Africa – from Limpopo in the northern part to Cape Town in the south – are indeed amazing!

    ~Jordan Hood